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By plane:

By train:

Lodz currently has four railway stations: Łódź Widzew situated in the East of town, Łódź Chojny in the South, Łódź Żabieniec in the North, and the current main station Łódź Kaliska in the Central-West part of the city.
Timetable of trains: www.pkp.pl

By inter-city bus:

Łódź Kaliska Bus Station. Timetable of buses: www.pks.lodz.pl

City public transport:

Timetable of trams and buses: www.mpk.lodz.pl

About Lodz

History of 4 cultures have a part here

Lodz is the city with location in the centre of Poland. The main atraction for a great number of tourists, also international, is local architecture and history. It is worthy to know that Lodz gather such nicknames as `The City of Factory Chimneys`, and `The Promised Land` because of the rapid development of the textile in 19th century. And 19th century is the main time for presence of 4 cultures: The Polish, Jewish, German, and Russian, who are one of the sources of the rich and diverse cultural background of the city of Lodz.

Historical architecture

Tenement houses and great residences make a breathtaking impression, before and after their renowation. Old buildings after revitalization of their structures have been transformed into lofts, commercial and entertainment complexes, and art centers. Industrial character of the 19th century complexes is unique in Europe. Walk around and try to recognize some of used architectural styles: from Classicism and Italian Neo-Renaissance, through Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau to Neo-Gothic and Neo-Roman styles. The best known industrial complexes are: Księży Młyn erected by a textile manufacturer, Karol Scheibler and today`s shopping, leisure and culture centre called Manufaktura, owned in the past by Izrael Poznański. What is important from the University of Lodz point of view, some old, historical sites like palaces or manufacturers` houses are reconstructed and adapted for the University`s needs

Lodz and its cinematography

Lodz is a centre of Polish cinematography and has rich film traditions. One of the best film schools in Europe: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, which is in Lodz, has educated many talented e.g. actors, directors. Roman Polański, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Krzysztof Zanussi and Andrzej Wajda graduated The National Film School. To feel the spirit of Holywood you just need to go to the Piotrkowska Street and walk at the Avenue of the Stars. For anybody, who wants to gather historical knowledge about Polish cinematography the Museum of Cinematography is open. Don`t try to find it in other cities in Poland - this one is the only one of its kind in Poland.

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