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Date: 28th November, 2016
Venue: Lodz Regional Development Agency, 34 Narutowicza St., 90-135 Lodz, Poland

9:00   Registration of participants
10:00 Official opening of the conference: Lodz City Hall, Ambassador of Japan to Poland, Lodz Regional Development Agency, University of Lodz, Lodz Special Economic Zone

Morning session
10:30 Hyogo Prefecture in Japan – a video presentation of the region and its revitalization success – Masahiko Suruga, Honorary Consul of Poland in Kobe
10:45 Experience of Nishinomiya City reconstruction since 1995 Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake – a documentary film with the appearance of Mayor Takeshi Imamura
11:00 State-of-the art technologies within historical walls – Hiroshi Izumitani, Principal Architect, Executive Vice President, Kajima Poland
11:30 Revitalization of Lodz City – benefits, cost and prospects – Wojciech Rosicki, Vice-President of Lodz City
12:00 Revitalization of Lodz city centre seen as employment increasing, diminishing of poverty and social exclusion – Hanna Gill-Piątek, Director of The Departament of Social Affairs, Gorzów Wielkopolski City Hall
12:30 Machizukuri in Japan: a community - level planning approach in the field of urban revitalization, Lorayne Woodend, Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and Development Plans Officer, Kendal, Great Britain
13:00 Revitalization through the eyes of business in Lodz – Bożena Ziemniewicz, Vice-President of Lodz  Chamber of Industry and Trade, Club 500 Lodz
13:30 Lunch

Afternoon session
14:30 Lodz: history in favour of modernity– Prof. Marek Janiak, Chief Architect of Lodz
15:00 The dilemmas and challenges of the Community Revitalization Programme Lodz 2020+ –Prof. Aleksandra Nowakowska, Ewa Boryczka, University of Lodz
15:30 Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture as an example of UNESCO creative city - Dr. Sachiko Kawaida, Center for the Study of the Creative Economy, Doshisha University, Kyoto
16:00 The idea of “development within the city” – Bartosz Poniatowski, The Office of Architect, Lodz City Hall
16:30 Poland and Japan in Lodz – prospects of cooperation – Prof. Jolanta Młodawska-Bronowska, University of Lodz

The accompanying events

  • Exhibition of producers from Japan advertising their export goods
  • Ink painting „sumi-e” – Mariusz Gosławski, Japońskie inspiracje
  • Oil paintings on canvas – Ewa Fukuoka, The Yakumo-goto Club


  • Japanese traditional music concert at the Biedermann Palace, Anna Krysztofiak, The Yakumo-goto Club, Lodz Philharmonic
  • Buffet Dinner

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